NA Concerns with Women’s and Children’s Issues


Rapid technology development demands people to easily adapt the new technology. They can gain information fast through online media such as interntet that can be accessed by their gadget. However, the online media often reported negative sides of women and children. The media often emphasized women’s characteristics biologically without considering women’s other aspects. This circumstance led Nasyiatul Aisyiah (NA) to be an woman organization construction positive issues of women and children in mass media, particularly in online media.

In NA Journalist Community Workshop of the 13th NA Congress on Thursday (25/8) at International Relations hall of UMY, Secretary of NA as well as a Communication Science lecturer of UMY, Dr. Trihastuti, stated that online media often do not reveal women’s characteristics such as their intelligence, knowledge, and roles. “A lot of media present physical appearance of subjects to obtain public spaces. Women are often issued in media to attract readers,” Tri conveyed.

Tri inserted that the hottest issue nowadays is dealing with early marriage and premarital sex. Nevertheless, issues of women and children do not always appeal public attention. The NA should enhance public awareness of the impacts of the early marriage. “To raise public awareness, NA should cooperate with national and international media since media is like a magnet which can lead public opinions,” she argued.

A journalist of a printed medium, Ratna Puspita uttered that the circumstance will lead journalists, particularly of online media, to always broadcast sensational information to get public attention. “NA must become an agent of change through mass media. Sexual abuses are often identical to women and children. Statistical data are frequently overlooked. The data, indeed, will convince the readers,” she contended.

She added that women’s organizations, such as NA, are required to be able to create positive issues, especially women’s and children’s issues. “This organization must attempt to enhance public awareness of women’s and children’s issues since media possess huge impacts on leading public opinions.


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