Muhammadiyah’s Commitment to Fight against Tobacco


Anti-tobacco campaign is intensified endlessly by many groups, including Muhammadiyah. Through Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Center (MTCC), Erwin Santosa stated that his party and Muhammadiyah kept against dangers of smoking.

Head of Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Venter, Erwin Santosa, conveyed that Muhammadiyah would always strive smoking through the internal of Muhammadiyah represented by 23 assemblies and autonomous organizations through the declaration of Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Framework (MTCF),” uttered by Erwin in the office of Islamic Hospital Pension Fund of Jakarta, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta (15/1).

Erwin explained that the next step is to continue the willing of jihad to grassroots or Muhammadiyah’s members. Moreover, the courage against tobacco had been represented by heads of forums and autonomous Muhammadiyah through the momentum of declaration of Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Framework (MTCF).

Health is the main factor, Erwin continued, and one of the essential aspects to create smart society and free of negative effects of tobacco. Thus, fighting tobacco is similar to empowering society’s potential. On the other hand, if the tobacco is allowed to revolve freely, it will affect the aim of Muhammadiyah in coining healthy and smart society.

Regarding jihad of fighting against tobacco, Erwin told that last week Anti-Tobacco Jogja Health Forum (JSTT) from Muhammadiyah won the claim of Clove Defense Team from Sleman, Yogyakarta. The claim was sent to Muhammadiyah since this organization was considered to threaten tobacco farmers. The name of Anti-Tobacco Jogja Health Forum, he mentioned, did not contain any meaning that tobacco was useless plant.

“JSTT also does not have any activities dealing with the plants and tobacco farmers. Nevertheless, JSTT carries out activities which concern with providing advocacy of community health services, particularly vulnerable groups. It is the way of our jihad,” Erwin continued.

Erwin added that the effort of Muhammadiyah through MTCF was not only internal but also external organization. “We have worked with Ministry of Health to encourage government in Indonesia Ratification of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC),” elucidated Erwin.

FCTC has not been ratified yet by Indonesia and eight other countries which are Andorra, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Liechtenstein, Malawi, Monaco, Somalia, and South Sudan. “We would only be an import market if FTCT has not been ratified,” stated Erwin.

On contrast, 180 countries had signed FTCT which is the program of World Health Organization – UN). FCTC is framework that encourages nations in this world to prioritize the right of public health protection, manage, and control the use of tobacco products including the effects of tobacco production by tobacco industries.

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