Muhammadiyah Launched a Logo and Song of the Congress at UMY

Prof. Din Syamsuddin received the logo of the 47th Muhammadiyah Congress from Palsace Troops of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

There was a difference in celebrating Muhammadiyah anniversary 105 H/102 M which was conducted in Sportorium of UMY on Tuesday evening (18/11). In this anniversary, Muhammadiyah launched a logo and a song of the 47th Muhammadiyah congress which would hold in Makassar, South Sulawesi, from the 3rd to 7th of August 2015. It was the Head of Muhammadiyah Central Governance, Prof. Dr. H. Din Syamsuddin, launching the logo and song of the 47th Muhammadiyah congress.

The launched logo of the Muhammadiyah congress is a Phinisi (Bugis cargo boat) which sails a sea with a stretched sail of number 47, showing the 47th Muhammadiyah congress. The Phinisi brings a sail of number 47 backed by the light of sunrise and there is a word, Muhammadiyah in Arabic. The sunrise with the word of Muhammadiyah is the official symbol of Muhammadiyah. The Phinisi was chosen as the symbol of the next year congress since it would conduct in Makassar. The boat is traditional sailboat of the ethnic of Bugis and Makassar.

Additionally, the song of the Muhammadiyah congress is a song about the Muhammadiyah’s struggles as an organization of straightening missionary. The lyrics of the song were written by Prof. Din Syamsuddin himself, and were arranged by a famous Indonesian musician, Dwiki Dharmawan. Prof. Din Syamsuddin, in his speech, told that he got the inspiration for the lyrics when he went to hajj, precisely when he did wukuf in Arafah.

He also stated that the evening anniversary was the stepping stone of the milestone for the Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah congress in Makassar on August 2015. The future challenges faced by Muhammadiyah were getting bigger, from both domestic and abroad. However, it should encourage Muhammadiyah to strengthen the persistence as a missionary organization and to be ready facing the challenges. “And Alhamdulillah, during the time, Muhammadiyah as an organization of straightening missionary displays the gratifying development. And, we have to be grateful for that,” he uttered.

Din hoped that the congress held in Makassar would run well. He also expected that the 47th Muhammadiyah congress and one century of Aisyiyah congress would be a milestone for reinforcing the organization of straightening missionary to the betterment of Indonesia. “As the theme of the 47th congress, the next congress is expected to be the milestone for reinforcing ‘Straightening Missionary to the Betterment of Indonesia’. This should be our commitment. No matter what happens to this country, Muhammadiyah will not lose the hope and orientation to remain to be missionary organization to foster the religion, this nation, and this country,” he conveyed. (Sakinah)

Prof. Din Syamsuddin showed the logo of the 47th Muhammadiyah Congress which had been launched in Muhammadiyah Anniversary 105 H/102 M in Sportorium of UMY


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