Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions Should Dare to Set Goals

Shortages and barrier often hinder people to dare to have big dreams. However, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) believes that dreams will lead to great changes for the dreamers. “We regard having dreams is essential since without them we may not have any vigor,” stated Rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P. when welcoming a visit from Universitas Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin (UM BJM) on Monday (30/10) at A.R. Fachruddin A of UMY.

In the visit, Rector of UMY presented a sustainable road map of UMY to be a leading world class university through the knowledge and technology based on the Islamic values to contribute to a proper society. He told that UMY is now competing with international universities. “Since the emergence of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), we had begun thinking of how our university appears on international news. We created 5-year strategic plans which have been undertaken. As the result, many foreign people are interested in pursuing their study at UMY,” he informed.

Besides, Gunawan criticized that private and Muhammadiyah universities should implement not only the three principles (tri dharma) but also four principles (catur dharma) of higher education. “Superb higher education can manage marker well and embody the three principles of higher education,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Cooperation and International Affairs Prof. Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc. suggested UM BJM to concern with the higher education management. “Many Muhammadiyah universities outside Java cannot respond fast to changes and accreditation,” he declared.

Prof. Nurmandi stressed the significance of data-based policy making. “For instance, 57 percent of UMY students registered at this university because of this university accreditation. Hence, we commit to enhance and maintain this university accreditation. We merged with Politeknik Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta accredited C so that we made some improvements to increase the accreditation so that many people are interested in studying there,” he inserted.

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