Mindset of Which Learning Arabic Is Hard Should Be Diminished


Many students think that Arabic is harder than other foreign languages. This mindset underlies that the language is more difficult to learn. Thus, this mindset should be diminished since students begin learning the language.

In a dissertation defense on Saturday (24/9) at meeting hall of Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Ahmad Fauzi presented his research entitled “Physiological Aspects and Methods of Teaching Arabic at IAIN Surakarta”.

His research revealed that there are differences when students learned Arabic and learned English. “Students showed high enthusiasm for learning English, while students looked less interested in learning Arabic. In fact, Arabic is not hard, but Arabic teaching methods should be improved,” Ahmad argued.

Ahmad found that difficulties in learning Arabic were affected by methodology and psychology. Methodology is dealing with teaching methods that Ahmad contended the teaching methods of Arabic teachers in Indonesia are less effective. “When students learned Arabic, it was supposed to be started by listening instead of writing or spelling words. Leaning a foreign language is similar to a baby who learns to speak. The baby listens to others people’s talk, and after that he learns to speak,” Ahmad stated

The other mistake is that the teachers blame students who are leaning. Arabic teachers in Indonesia tend to correct students’ mistakes when the students are speaking or practicing what they have learned. “When I studied at Sudan, my teacher let me speak and he did not interrupt me. Sometimes cutting them when they speak may impact their mentality,” Ahmad declared.

In psychological aspect, problems come from the students themselves. They who think Arabic is difficult will confront difficulties when learning it. “Therefore, Arabic teachers should create good learning environment. The learning process should be fun,” Ahmad recommended.

Psychological issues are related to methodology in Arabic learning. Teachers should enhance students’ enthusiasm for learning Arabic by various innovative methods. In the dissertation defense, Ahmad Fauzi passed with high distinction.


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