MIHI of UMY Conducts an International Workshop on Migration

Master of International Relations of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) collaborating with Malaysia Indonesia Research Centre for CSR and Leadership of University Sains Malaysia and Linkoping University Sweden organized International Workshop on Migration, Hijrah and Ummah in Nusantara and beyond. The workshop aimed at providing a medium of sharing insight of migration, hijrah, and Islam around the world.

Held on 2-3 August 2017 at Amphitheater of Graduate School of UMY, the workshop participants who were UMY Master’s degree lecturers and students were invited to present their research as the workshop theme ‘Paradigms of Peace, Contestation, and Transformation’.

Secretary of Master of International Relations Dr. Ali Maksum mentioned that the other objective of the workshop it was to establish individually and institutionally firm partnership. In addition, he expressed that it was an honor for Master of International Relations to be the host for this remarkable event. “I hope we could sustain the partnership as conducting this international workshop each year,” expected Ali.

Ali inserted that the theme brought on this workshop was dealing with current national and international issues. “For instance, participants can discuss the great number of refugees in Indonesia and other countries. Many people migrate from one country to another country for various reasons such as working or living. In Indonesia, a lot of people have already moved from a rural area to a city due to factors of economy, politics, social, culture, safety or disaster,” said Ali in an interview on Thursday (3/8).

Meanwhile, one of the keynote speakers of the workshop Dr. Ismail Wekke explained that the integration in Indonesia has already been carried out well. “For example, many people of Bugis tribe have migrated to Maluku. They could adjust themselves to Maluku people well. In fact, Bugis people in various areas of Maluku possess essential roles in agricultural distribution management. Besides, Muslims and non-Muslims can live in harmony so that Bugis tribe can participate in various community activities. Therefore, I hope that all parties can accept diversity because it is the nature of mankind, and we can maintain tranquility and peace,” expected Ismail.

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