Medical Personnel of UMY Mobilizes 100 Volunteers of Student Organization

It has been D-1 of Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The committee has been ready. They conducted the last meeting today, Wednesday (10/6) to check all preparation for the KRI. Medical Team is one of the teams having the last meeting leaded by dr. Muhammad Kurniawan as the coordinator of P3K.

He stated that today is the last briefing of medical team. “The team would do the duty tomorrow. All participants would register at morning to evening, and there would be personnel stand by during welcoming ceremony,” informed the doctor who is well-known as dr. Wawan.

The number of medical personnel is more than 100 people coming from several organizations dealing with P3K as KSR PMI UMY, TBM (Student Medical Help Team) of Medical Department, NCC (Nursing Care Club) of Nursing Department, and TBO (Drug Help Team) of Pharmacology Department. The medical would be divided into two shifts: a morning shift (7 am – 2 pm) and afternoon shift (2 – 9 pm), that there would be 13 personnel in each shift.

Wawan conveyed that the medical room would be located at behind the stage of Sportorium of UMY. The personnel would also share their duties as going around in the first floor and ground of Sportorium during the contest. “In order that the participants easily recognize medical personnel, we have provided special vests written ‘Medis’. However, we would also provide marks to go to the medical room. Besides the center is at Sportorium of UMY, the medical personnel would be mobilized in the participants’ lodgings,” he uttered.

Furthermore, dr. Wawan mentioned that preparation of medical personnel has been 905. The shortage of preparation is that the main medical room has not been set yet because it is still employed as equipment room. However, he inserted, all preparation and setting the medical center would be accomplished today, Wednesday (10/6). For the medicine and other medical instruments has been complete and prepared.

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