Students of FISIPOL UMY Are Required to Compete with Other Universities


It has been established for 34 years Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL) of Universitas Mumamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). It demands all the academicians to give their best for UMY and community. Additionally, the students of FISIPOL are requested to compete with not only students of FISIPOL UMY themselves but also students of other universities.

The aforementioned statements were the background underlying the main concept of the 34th anniversary of FISIPOL UMY conducted on Friday (8/5) in Sportorium of UM. It is ‘Spirit, Modern, and Art’. It aimed at encouraging students of FISIPOL to compete with other universities in academic and nonacademic aspects. As told by chief of committee, Fahri Falahudin, FISIPOL UMY has begun being noticed in Indonesia due to the students’ achievements. “Through the concept, it is expected that students’ enthusiasm and creativity would enhance and always be better,” he hoped.

Dean of FISIPOL UMY Ali Muhammad, S.IP., M.A., Ph.D. warmly welcomed and appreciated Student Executive Board (BEM) of FISIPOL UMY for the success in organizing the 34th anniversary. There had been many event series which they carried out well. Ali wished that, in the 34th anniversary, FISIPOL UMY could always foster in line with UMY’s tagline ‘Youth and Global’.

“I wish that in the 34th anniversary students of FISIPOL and all academicians could go hand in hand to develop FISIPOL better in academic and nonacademic fields. And, I appreciate very much BEM FISIPOL’s work on managing this anniversary well,” he stated.

Moreover, Muhammad Fajrus Shodiq, a Governor of BEM FISIPOL, conveyed that this anniversary was distinct from the previous anniversaries. This year it attempted to collaborate between modern and traditional elements and it could be noticed from the event series and the celebration night. “We meant to combine traditional and modern aspects in this anniversary in order that students would not fall into modernism but remain to maintain cultural aspects of Indonesia,” he uttered.

Furthermore, the event series of the anniversary were blood donation of FCFH (FISIPOL Charity for Humanity) on 2 April in a lobby of FISIPOL UMY, Islamic Talkshow and Culinary Festival of Middle East on 13-15 April in Building of A.R. Fachruddin B, Floor 5, and lobby of FISIPOL. For the celebration night so-called ‘Fisipvaganza’, it had band performance of Bina Siwi, Teater Tangga, traditional dance of IPM LU (Student Association of North Lombok), 7Soul Band, Khafilah Manyan Hiphop of North Maluku versus DJ Etnic, HoxUps dance, Konveti celebration, and jazz performance of Saturday Ice Cream Band as the closing.

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