Magister Pograms and International Classes of UMY Would Be Centralized Right Away


In the middle of January 2015, UMY plans that classes of Magister and International programs would be in one building. The building built since April 2013 is located in the North of the mosque of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan UMY. Thus, all classes of magister programs, which were at rooms in the building of A.R. Fachruddin A, and all international classes, which were previously seperated in the building of FISIPOL UMY, would be centralized soon in the new building. It is the need fulfillment effort for students the existance of adequate and comfortable building access.

It was stated by Rector of UMY, Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. during University Work Meeting (RKU) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), attended by heads of institute, faculties, and several heads of divisions at UMY. RKU conducted each year is a mechanism to arrange programs whcih would be carried out by UMY to fill all needs and academic activities at UMY, Tuesday (30/12).

Accoding to Prof. Bambang, the best univesity is an university which is able to fill all needs for 25 up to 30 thousand students. Whilst, the number of students of UMY is accounted 16.980 students, so that Bambang argued that enhancing UMY’s student services needed to build a building. Moreover, noticing all areas of UMY have already been established by buildings, so that UMY was supposed to embark considering the new area addition.

“The incredible university has 25 to 30 students. We are now in a transition era, and we have not reached the number yet. I think that we have to begin adding new building and area. Hence, we could be a remarkable university, and provide extraordinary facilities for the students,” he responded the plan of using the new building of Magister program of UMY.

Furthermore, Bambang expected that the established building could be used by magister programs and international classes. It was also hoped that the building could be employed be classrooms of Faculty of Language Education (FPB) which has not been centralized in a building.

“When this building is actively used and functioned for magister programs and international classes, we would attempt in order that FPB could use the building. We hope that several rooms could be used for FPB, so that magister programs, International programs, and FPB could be centralized in one building,” he continued.

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