LTC of UMY Presents a Free Italian Class for UMY’s Students


Self-Access Center (SAC) of Language Training Center (LTC) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) provides a free Italian class for UMY’s students. The LTC of UMY will also present an Italian cooking class. Both classes will be supervised by an Italian native speaker, Daniele Santucci. The classes aim at promoting Italian language and culture so that students will broaden their horizon and will be more open-minded.

In a remark of  ‘Italian Language and Culture Class’ on Tuesday (11/10) at Mini Theater of Building D, Head of the LTC, Noor Qomaria Agurnina, S.Pd., M.Hum. or well-known as Ari, stated, “These two classes will be valuable for students to learn Italian language and culture. People commonly look for a job and scholarship in big countries such the United States. In fact, there are a lot of job vacancies and scholarships in Italy.”

Ari, the class is conducted twice a week for 90 minutes each meeting. “These classes are free, but the participants have to pay an amount of moneys as their deposit. This is only for their commitment to join the classes. After the program ends, the deposit will be returned,” Ari told.

Furthermore, Daniele Santucci informed that Italian language proficiency can be showed by C.I.L.S (Certuficatione di Italliano Come Lingua Stranniera) acknowledged by educational institutions and companies in all over the world. “The certificate can be employed to apply for study or job in Italia,” he said.

He asserted that there are six Italian language levels which respectively are CILS A1, CILS A2, CILS UNO-B1, CILS DUE-B2, CILS TRE-C1, and CILS QUATTRO-C2. “Who would like to work in Italia, their Italian language competency should be in CILS A2. Besides, who would like to study in an Italian university, they should achieve CILS DUE-B2,” he mentioned.


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