LP3M of UMY and Kemristekdikti Conduct a Workshop to Improve Quantity and Quality of Research Proposals

To improve quantity and quality of research proposals, Office of Research, Publication, and Community Service (LP3M) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a workshop on “Improving the Quality of Research Proposal” on Thursday (25/4) at Harper Mangkubumi Hotel Yogyakarta. Conducting the workshop, the LP3M collaborated with Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Technology (Kemeristekdikti) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI).

Head of the LP3M, Dr. Ir. Gatot Supangkat, M.P. stated, “After the announcement of the national research program, we found news that some of the submitted proposals were unaccepted. Therefore, Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) of Kemristekdikti of RI aspire to conduct an effort to ameliorate the quality of the proposals.”

Gatot added, “The workshop is collaboration among DRPM, Directorate of Research, Kemenristekdikti RI, and LP3M of UMY. As to the classification, UMY plays a role as the first cluster to conduct and manage university-based research. What we are conducting right now is known as applied research scheme. This kind of research is characterized to its research outputs, publications, and intellectual properties.”

Furthermore, the workshop also invited a Director of DRPM of Kemristekdikti of RI, Dra. Victoriana Suhartini. In her deliverance, Victoriana explained research policy and community service. “Indonesia possesses more than 250,000 lecturers. Thousands of research proposals are submitted, but there were several lecturers who did not submit their proposals. Basically, every lecturer in Indonesia is obliged to conduct research because it is a part of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Principles of Higher Education), namely education, research, and community service,” conveyed Victoriana. Hereafter, Victoriana informed, “Hopefully all participants can contribute to re-submit their proposals. We can provide assistance to propose again so that their proposals can pass the 2019 funding. We want to create more and better proposals.”

Meanwhile, the other speaker, Prof. Dr. Agus Subekti delivered a research scheme from the Edition XII of Research Scheme Guide. “On the first scheme, it talks about basic research that results some outputs, namely publication, applied research, and development research. However, today we will focus on the applied research because this kind of research is used by most participants here. Research proposals can be submitted through the Research Information System and Community Service (Simlitabnas),” maintained Agus.

Subsequently, Agus detailed, “There are eight stages of research managements based on a regulation of Kemristekdikti No.68/2016. The first one is related to national competitive scheme, decentralization scheme, and assignment scheme. The second one is regarding selection, title determination based on the result of selection and available funds, determination, implementation, assistance, reporting, output evaluation, and research assessment.”

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