Local Government of Yogyakarta Entirely Supports Robocon 2015


Local government of Yogyakarta entirely supports ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon 2015 conducted at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Sunday, 23 August 2015. It was declared by Deputy Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) Kanjeng Gusti Oangeran Adipati Arya (KGPAA) Paku Alam IX when welcoming TVRI and UMY, in Kepatihan, on Wednesday (19/8).

KGPAA Paku Alam IX as a representative of Yogyakarta Local Government expressed that it is an honor and he is grateful since ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon 2015 is held in Yogyakarta. This circumstance will bring additional value for Yogyakarta tourism. “Whatever occurs is related to tourism in Yogyakarta. This event assists to promote tourism in Yogyakarta so that tourists or foreigners will recognize Prambanan and Borobudur only. The promotion words are ‘who wants to shop in low price and sleep tight, come to Yogyakarta’,” he stated.

Paku Alam IX also appreciated the success of Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) 2015 on June. “We espouse and are glad because KRI was successfully carried out at UMY. However, the security should become the concern as well since the participants come from overseas, and Yogyakarta is now getting crowded,” he advised.

Furthermore, Program Director of TVRI Markus R.A. Prasetyo conveyed that the ABU Asia-Pacific ABU Robocon is collaboration Kemenristek DIKTI RI and UMY, and it is meant to choose Yogyakarta because it is well known as a student city and familiar with the tourism. “Hence, we decided to hold this contest in Yogyakarta. We consider UMY as the host since UMY has well-equipped to support the ABU Robocon ‘Robominton’ 2015 and succeed conducting KRI,” he told.

Markus asserted that the schedule of ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon is on 22-24 August, but 19 teams of 18 countries will compete on 23 August. “In the opening ceremony on 23 August, we will invite Minister of Communication and Informatics and an Indonesia badminton legend, Susi Susanti. There will also several performances of Yogyakarta from modern to traditional,” he informed.

Additionally, Vice Chancellor III of UMY Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, S.T., MSc.Eng., Ph.D., P.E. also attended the meeting. He affirmed that UMY has been preparing for the robot contest as providing an icon. The icon is attributed to Yogyakarta and UMY commonly employs the icon for promoting Yogyakarta. “The icon is Wirobrojo troops (Lombok Abang) illustrated by a robot playing badminton. We use the icon since it is identically related to Yogyakarta and we are eager to promote it,” he inserted.

In the meeting, Public Relations of Yogyakarta Local Government will assist to publish the ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon to community because they may absolutely willing to see the international robot contest firstly conducted in Yogyakarta and Indonesia.

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