Communication and Psychological Training for LO of ABU Robocon


Liaison Officers are a link of between committee of an event and participants or guests. They are required to prepare to confront human behaviors and characteristics. Thus, LOs of ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (Robocon) 2015 are prepared through technical training, namely communication and psychological training.

The training was conducted on Tuesday (13/8) at A.R. Fachruddin B, Floor 5. The speaker of the training is Chaerini Hamdani, a broadcaster of TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia). In the beginning of the training, she explained how significant the role of LOs is. “What occurs to a person in a team will affect others in the team. Hence, if somebody perceived uncomfortable, she/he ought to manage herself/himself so that it may not impact to others,” she elucidated.

She also conveyed that humans may confront conflicts in their social life. “For one reason, humans basically vary. One person is distinct from other people even though they may feel similarities one another,” she inserted. Recognizing the various characteristics, Rini argued that we have to acquaint ourselves beforehand.

“According to Joseph Luth and Harrington Ingham, each person has four windows, namely hidden area, public area, unknown area, and blind area,” she mentioned. Public Area refers to characteristics acknowledged by ourselves and others, Hidden Area means characteristics that a person attempts to hide them from others, and Blind Area implies characteristics noticed by others but she/he does not realize. “It may be terrifying if other people judge us, yet we did not know how they see us. Besides, Unknown Area refers to characteristics that someone or other people do not aware of them, but the characteristics essentially exist. “Therefore, you may not stop finding out and understanding ourselves,” she inserted.

In the training, Chaerini also taught the LOs nonverbal communication or body language to be noticed in communication. “When we speak, our interlocutors only pay attention 10% of our statement, 50% of our body language, and 40% of our intonation,” she informed. Thus, she asserted that body language and intonation are essential in communication.

Additionally, ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon 2015 is a robot contest raising a theme Robominton organized by TV NHK Japan collaborating with TVRI, DIKTI, and UMY. The contest will be conducted on Sunday (23/8) at Sportorium UMY. The D-Day is getting closer and the LOs are expected to be more prepared mentally since it is the first international robot contest held in Indonesia and UMY acts the co-host.

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