LOs of ABU Robocon 2015 Are Required to Represent UMY and Indonesia


Liaison Officers (LOs) are conceived as a moderator between the committee and participants of an event. The LOs technically are also required to be meticulous, anticipative, efficient, generous, and coordinative. They are also expected to represent the benevolence of UMY and Indonesia.

The aforementioned paragraph was asserted by Mohammad Ichsan, S.IP. in a training of LO ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2015 on Wednesday (5/8) at a meeting hall of A.R. Fachruddin A, Floor 5. Attending the training were 80 LOs of ABU Robocon 2015. The training aimed at preparing the LOs to confront the robot contest conducted on 23 August at UMY.

“Being LO is for not only enhancing the experience but also learning to appreciate other people,” Ichsan conveyed. Respecting the elderly is common and easy, yet LOs are commanded to respect youth, and it is essential.

In the training, Ichsan expanded how to grasp and share information to the participants, what LOs should do and should not, and the manners. “Being LOs of ABU Robocan is an immense responsibility since they symbolize UMY and Indonesia. LOs’ attitudes during the contest will be valued by foreign guests and participants and the attitudes indicate the Indonesian people,” he elucidated.

Ichsan maintained that the Indonesian people are well-known for their kindness by foreigners. Thus, for the five-day contest, the LOs are obligated to name Indonesia.

Ichsan prompted the LOs to learn foreign culture and any vital information dealing with countries of the ABU Robocon 2015. It pointed at making the participants and guests from other countries cozy. He also reminded the LOs to learn to be patient because human behaviors occasionally provoke LOs’ emotion.

In the training, the LOs are prepared morally and mentally to face the prominent robot contest held firstly in Indonesia. As the host of the contest, UMY has a valuable occasion to contribute to the international event.

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