Library of UMY Conducts a Coaching on Blogging and Vlogging

Nowadays, Indonesian youths are fond of sharing their experiences through media as blogs and videos. These activities are known as blogging and vlogging and spread through social media. The abundance of blogs and vlogs on social media compels all creators to be creative preparing the contents. Departing from the circumstance, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a discussion called Coaching Ngevlog and Ngeblog Berfaedah (a coaching session to conduct proper blog and vlog) at Library Hall of Siti Walidah Building of UMY on Tuesday (23/4).

A blogger and photographer, Ardian Kusuma explained, “Blogging is an activity to construct opinions about something so that our opinions can become an important aspect to create contents. To create the contents, people can start writing things that attract them the most,”

He added, “Your proximity with the topics you want to raise is an additional value for your blog so that you should write them the way they are. Besides, you need to put photos or illustrations to demonstrate depiction of the topic.”

For the media, Ardian suggested to publish the writing through several media, starting from the free to paid ones. “For the free platforms, people can start using Blogspot and Kompasiana. Meanwhile, for the paid platforms, people can use WordPress and other media or web hosting. For the beginners, I suggest you to use the free platforms.”

The coaching session also invited Aji Sukma, a content creator and travel vlogger from Indonesia. In his deliverance, Aji mentioned that youngsters now also like to access vlogs. He conveyed, “Videos become one of the very notable media for young people to gather information. Not only providing information that easy to absorb, videos can easily be accessed through cellphones. This high rate of videos’ connoisseurs happens because vlogs can be a source of economic income for people and become a medium to conduct self-expressions.”

To create and operate contents on the vlogs, Aji informed that he often received questions related to creation of good contents. “I frequently choose between passion and market. Whichever you choose, you have to conduct them seriously so that your contents can benefit others,” maintained Aji.

Furthermore, Aji shared some tips to follow. “First, you need to conduct some research about the objects you want to raise. For instance, if you want to discuss about a product so you should gather information about the product as much as possible. Then, create some scripts or texts as a guide for you to speak and do not be afraid to take videos more than once if you feel the need to,” ended Aji.

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