Library of UMY Achieves an Award of BSNI


Library of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) achieved another award of BSNI (Indonesian National Standard Board) after granted ‘A’ accreditation last year. The reward adequately astonished staffs of Library of UMY since it came unexpectedly. “I was surprised to obtain this reward since we just gained the certificate three days ago. We have not communicated to BSNI yet, and even we are not contacted by BSNI. However, I am glad to have this reward because it implies that UMY’s library has developed broadly,” told Lasa H.S. the Head of UMY’s Library proudly when interviewed on Friday (10/4) at UMY’s Library.

According to Lasa, there were several possibilities of BSNI’s appraisal to grant UMY’s library the award. One of them was that UMY’s Library website is always developing day by day. Additionally, the website features are always updated.

“BSNI’s appraisal system might be as web-metrics that, when UMY’s Library was accredited ‘A’ accreditation, it is indirectly included in lists of National Library. Then, BSNI’s team would observe whether UMY’s Library website updates each day such as updating online journals and articles published by UMY which we scanned and posted,” he added.

This award, Lasa continued, would be a movement of UMY’s Library to foster the media and infrastructures. Maintaining the achievement is harder than achieving since a lot to do to preserve it. “First, we have to enhance the infrastructures such as adding computer rooms and improving room settings. And, Alhamdulillah, Rector agreed to carryout it. Second, we ought to elevate human resources that staffs of UMY’s Library are required to have bachelor’s degree, and if it should be master’s degree, they would be funded. In fact, a number of Library’s heads are a professor but the degree is not from Library department. Thus, it is essential. It entails human resources who are good at and understand Information Engineering and master in English,” he conveyed.

Furthermore, what UMY’s Library has recently enhance is the use of information literature. It aimed at changing perspectives of lecturers and students on accessing literature from a text to e-journal. “To support the information literature, UMY’s Library is assisted by Information System Bureau (BSI) to teach how to access and lend laboratory C. We receive many positive responses, and our staffs ought to teach from morning to afternoon, indeed. And, for April-May the schedule is already filled,” he uttered.

Lasa expected that, after the reward, UMY’s Library would always develop as UMY’s vision and mission “Islamic and Excellent”. It means that they could create more Islamic atmosphere at UMY’s Library, and could lift Islamic professional human resources. “It is significant since a personal identity should be constructed earlier,” he asserted.

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