Lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science Lift the Spirits of Patients with Diabetes to Reduce its Risk

The number of people suffering from the Diabetes Mellitus (DM) disease has been increasing. If not treated carefully, this disease can lead to renal failure, nerve damage, blindness, and other symptoms until it ends in the death of the patient. Therefore, a team of lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (FKIK UMY) begun a series of service activities in the form of free health checks and information campaign done in Patukan, Ambarketawang village, Gamping district, Sleman regency led by Dra. Yoni Astuti, M.Kes., PhD and Dr.dr Orizati Hilman on Sunday (21/7).

Yoni informed the villagers of “making peace” with diabetes by observing the disease’s symptoms so it does not turn into something worse. “This is done through a series of checkups from setting the perception of diabetes in public, informing the public of DM, and performing blood sugar level tests, body fat measurements, and others,” She stated.

This event was attended by people with diabetes, their families, neighbours, and health cadres. This information campaign regarding diabetes is expected to be accepted by the public, so they can help the patients and eventually make them feel like they can perform their activities normally.

Meanwhile, Oryzati stated the importance of knowing diabetes, because it can help prevent and cure diabetes, a disease commonly known in Indonesia as “Kencing Manis” or “Penyakit Gula”. “There are many ways to face this disease, such as routine blood sugar level control, eating healthy, and reducing consumption of food with high sugar and carbohydrate levels. Measured physical activities can also help. There are also medications to stabilize your blood sugar level. Avoid stressful activities and cigarettes, and watch your foot’s health and safety,” The FKIK UMY lecturer added.

In addition to physical activities and consuming nutritional food, mental support from close relatives is also needed. community activities such as attending religious sermons or going to health centres. These activities are important to reduce stress and increasing general knowledge of the disease. Other than that, people with diabetes should be optimistic in facing the disease by being tolerant and thankful for what they have been given. (ak)

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