Learning Languages Open Windows to the World

Daniele Santucci, an Italian language teacher of Language Training Center (LTC) of UMY is teaching Italian to pupils of Muhammadiyah Senior High School 5 Yogyakarta. 

Learning foreign languages open windows to the world. Learning language, particularly English, can broaden people’s horizons and insights towards the world.

Welcoming 55 pupils of Muhammadiyah Senior High School 5 Yogyakarta on Tuesday (20/9) at meeting hall of Library of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Head of Language Training Center (LTC) of UMY as well as an English Language Education lecturer, Noor Qommaria Agustina, S.Pd., M.Hum. stated, “Language is essential in this globalization era. A verse of Al-Qur’an mentions that Allah creates people and tribes that we may know one another. Muslims are told to learn languages and ‘knowing one another’ in the verse denotes encouragement for us to learn, understand, and interweave good relationship with people from various areas or countries.”

She argued that learning language will lead to the success of networking. This networking will be one of the ways to succeed in a lot of realms, in not only business bus also other professions such as being a teacher. The networking may enhance a teacher’s learning quality.

“Information and networking now become the main aspects to achieve success. When learning foreign languages, people will learn the target language cultures as well that will expand their views toward the world. Learning cultures will also ease people to adapt to foreign people,” she contended.

Regarding the visit of the high school pupils, Ari told that the students were divided into four groups that each group will learn English, Italian, as well as Japanese language, and come to American corner and Warung Prancis. “We invite the pupils to visit a various units related to LTC. The visit is expected to enable the pupils to know other countries so that they will be encouraged to explore the countries further. The pupils will also have movie screening and discussion. The visit will be ended by praying together. As UMY’s tagline, ‘Unggul dan Islami’, I hope that, besides getting experience of learning languages, they will gain spiritual experience as well,” she expressed.

“I wish that this visit will benefit them. This can be a mean of promoting UMY and public, especially high school pupils, recognize this LTC at UMY,” Ari ended.


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