KOMAP UMY Presents Indonesian Culture and Food to Students


A lot of cultures of Indonesia encouraged Governmental Studies of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) to present cultural diversity that Indonesia has. Governmental Study Student Corps (KOMAP) conducted an event dealing with culture of Indonesia from ethnic clothes to typical foods of areas in Indonesia.

Introducing food and culture of Indonesia to the students, KOMAP holds a Festival of Arts, Culture, and Food (FESBUK) today (10/12) in a yard of Sportorium UMY. The event is the culmination of event sequences of the third-year existence of Government. The series of event would be carried out from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The audience would be entertained by various interesting performance regarding Indonesian culture.

The chief, Riska Sarofah, stated that this event also collaborated with some of Student Activity Unit (UKM) UMY and Student Family Community (IKPM) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Moreover, the entertainment would be ethnic dances from Ternate, Tidore, East Borneo, and Tor-Tor. “It would be not only dances, but also other entertainments as DKI Jakarta would perform Lenong, songs from North Sulawesi, script dance of ISI, Cakalele and Kabata (Halut and Haltim),” she mentioned.

Riska also explained that, enlivening the eve, the committee would wear ethnic clothes. It is their appreciation in preserving Indonesian ethnic clothes. Furthermore, there would be an announcement of the winner of citizen journalism competition, award for lecturers and staffs of Governmental Studies of UMY, and freshmen engaging in Social Day.

The award given to lecturers and staffs, Riska argued, is an appreciation from students to them. It is carried out for the first time, particularly for students. “It is the first the award for lecturers and staffs. We, the committee, distributed 20 questionnaires at classes. The grading for lecturers emboldens other staffs to provide better services for students especially for Governmental Study students of UMY,” she added.

Riska expected that this event could boost and motivate culture of Indonesia, and could be a forum to intertwine a good relationship with IKPM Jogja, and lastly could strengthen the relationship among Governmental Study students so that they would be better and more unified.

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