KOMAKOM UMY Organizes the 10th Communication Awards with Raising a Theme Exploitation Animal


Communication Science Student Association (KOMAKOM) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted an annual event so-called Communication Awards (CA) 2015. The association has organized CA for a decade (ten years). CA is a national competition for Communication Science students across Indonesia. CA 2015 raised a theme regarding ‘animal exploitation’. It aimed at preventing violence, exploitation, and murder toward endangered animals in Indonesia.

Chief of Komakom of UMY Deri Hazwara Lubis in an interview on Friday (21/8) stated that raising the theme illustrated the concern of a lot of violence and murder toward protected and endangered animals, for instance bear poaching in Kalimantan and tiger poaching in Sumatera. “We expect that through this competition community will be aware of the significance of the endangered animals for the survival of living beings. We will socialize it through advertisements films, and programs of CSR contested in the CA so that the poaching will diminish,” he conveyed.

Moreover, chief of CA 2015 Yuli Indrianti mentioned several competition held by Komakok like Print AD competition, FFG (Gadget Film Festival), Integrated Campaign, Feature Competition, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program. “In fact, Integrated Campaign is a novel competition in the CA. The registration for the competition has begun from 18 August-19 October 2015,” she informed.

Yuli inserted that CA has event series of competition, namely national seminar as soft opening on 15 October and Awarding Night as the closing on 15 November in TBY (Taman Budaya Yogyakarta). The requirements and details of each competition are explained on the official website of CA. “Any information of CA can be accessed on,” she added.

Furthermore, Hazwara Lubis elucidated that CA is the oldest national competition for communication students organized since 2015, and CA has rapidly fostered for these 10 years. “It is expected that the CA can be better than previous CAs, in aspects of contest quality and quantity., and can be acknowledged nationally,” he ended.

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