Komakom of UMY Utilizes Gadgets as Competition Media


Communication Science Student Association (KOMAKOM) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) successfully conducted an annual event, namely Communication Awards (CA). It was a national communication competition and this year was the 10th CA. The CA was held from August to November, and comprised several communication competitions. One of the competitions was Festival Film Gadget (FFG).

The film-making competition was 15-minute length and utilized gadgets or smartphone as new media to work. Most students only used their gadgets to take pictures, to communicate, and to update status on social media, and others. Thus, to function the gadgets more positively, Komakom of UMY organized Festival Film Gadget with a theme “Just Like Animal”. The aforementioned statements were conveyed by Yuli Indrianti as Chief of CA in Awarding Night of CA on Sunday (15/11) at Concert Hall of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

By the theme, the short film should tell a philosophy of an animal. For instance, ants are considered as animals prioritizing to work together, and people may take the positive behavior as an example. “The theme aimed at raising public awareness, particularly students’ awareness, that positive behaviors of animals can become examples,” she told.

Yuli informed that there were 5 films included in nomination. Those 5 films were selected based on judges’ appraisal, and one favorite film was voted from Like on YouTube. There were there champions and one favorite film,” she added.

One of the FFG’s judges Bagus Sumartono expresses that the films competed in FFG were adequately good and the judges got difficulty in deciding the 5 nominated films. “The quality was excellent and the theme was quite interesting so that participants could explore the films well,” he said.

Bagus inserted that the concern of Komakom of UMY about utilizing gadgets as competition media was great. Most of students got confused to make films due to the inadequacy of camera. “FFG can become a solution for young filmmakers that they can use gadgets to make film. Therefore, there will no more excuse for students not to work and compete, especially in making film,” he asserted.

Additionally, competitions of Communication Awards were CSR Program, Feature Writing, Festival Film Gadget (FFG), Integrated Campaign, and Print AD. In the awarding night, there were several performances from Antagonis Puisi, Kabaret of UMY, Hox Up dancer, 21 breakdown band, and Three Angle band.

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