KMTI UMY Prepares Students for Final Exam through “Rangking 1”


Information Technology Student Family (KMTI) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) assisted students of IT of UMY prepare final exam (UAS) which would be conducted in January 2015. Nevertheless, the preparation given by KMTI was not an official preparation such as a private course or studying together at class or outside class. It was through carrying out an event so-called “Rangking 1” (Rank 1).

“Rangking 1” held on Saturday (20/12) was not too different from a Reality Show of “Rangking 1” presented on a private television station in Indonesia. The questions in the competition were dealing with general knowledge and IT itself. The “Rangking 1” organized by KMTI UMY took place in an Engineering Lobby of Building F4 at UMY and was limited for internal of IT UMY.

According to the chief, Julian Noor Rizani, stated that the “Rangking 1” was conducted for entertaining students of IT UMY before having UAS. Most of the questions were taken from courses or lessons during their study. “The questions of the competition tend to focus on logic queries that students are required to think and answer them logically. As the result, we create the event as not only a refreshing forum for students but also giving knowledge regarding IT and the history,” he told.

Participants of “Rangking 1” were from not only students of IT UMY batch 2011 – 2014 but also staffs of IT UMY. Julian mentioned that the number of participants was 90 including students and staffs. “In fact, this event is also for celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of KMTI. The anniversary begun today and the celebration night would be carried out on the 22nd of December”, he explained.

Julian expounded that the rules of “Rangking 1” was not too distinct from the previous one. The difference was only the kinds of inquiries. “The rules are as follows: in the first round students would be grouped by accomplishing the exercises individually, in the second round the successful students would complete 10 questions whose difficulty level would be distinctive,” he conveyed.

Moreover, participants were prohibited to cheat one another since, if they were found out cheating, they would be disqualified. “The time to answer each question is about 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore, participants should be able to use their time because their time was limited,” Julian uttered.

Julian added that there would be awards for those who could answer the questions correctly till the final round. “The total of price for the winners is 500.000 rupiahs. The competition was also supported by lecturers of IT UMY. Through this program, we expected that the participants, particularly students, could be more prepared to the exam. For one reason, they had already learnt what they got at class even though it was by playing the game,” he continued.

Additionally, the winner of “Rangking 1” was Syarif, the runner up was Toni, and the third one was Beni. The winner deserved to get a price accounted for 250 thousand rupiahs, the runner up and the third champion got 150 thousand rupiahs respectively.

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