KKN UMY Students Promotes Lopati Hamlet Tourism through Social Media

The Lopati Hamlet is a hamlet in the village of Trimurti that has promising tourism potential. If its residents maximize the potential of their village, the village will have a large income. Because of this, students from the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Social Services Program (KKN UMY) group 177 in collaboration with Karangtaruna Lopati held a training on “Writing News and Managing Social Media”. This event was held on Tuesday (21/01) at the residence of Sutiyem, the head of Lopati Village. The participants who attended the training were quite enthusiastic because they felt quite helped by this activity.

The speakers of this event are experts from the Communication Sciences Program of UMY, Erwan Sudiwijaya, S.Sos, MBA, MA, and Dr. Filosa Gita Sukmono, M.A. the event was attended by 13 people from various villages of Lopati, including the youth community representatives of Lopati and Paten villages. The event was opened by Sutiyem, the head of the Lopati Hamlet.

Sutiyem implored that all elements of the community in Lopati hamlet should be aware of the tourism potential of Lopati village, so they will participate in communicating the potential of Lopati hamlet to the wider community. “The youth community of the village is expected to be aware of the potential of their village and be able to increase the attractiveness of the village of Lopati itself. Improving quality, quantity, and utilizing news writing and social media must be carried out in a sustainable manner in the spirit of upholding values on the basis of the principles of Tourism Consciousness – Beautiful, Fun, Safe, Comfortable, “Sutiyem stated.

After the activity is finished, the youth community is expected to promote the Lopati hamlet as a hamlet that has extraordinary tourism potential. Philosa advised the participants to be brave and have a strong desire to promote the potential of their village. “This kind of activity is not only beneficial for the hamlet but also for the youth by expressing all ideas and thoughts in social media that are managed later. Through this, the tourism potential in the village of Trimurti can be recognized by the wider community so that many tourists come to the village of Trimurti, “He said. (Ads)

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