KKN Group 051 and 150 Took the Bioling Mobile Cinema to Selo, Boyolali to Play Journalism Videos

On Monday (03/01)  Teaching Community Service (KKN-PPM) Teams 051 and 150, of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held a journalistic video screening at Simpang Pakubuwono Field, Samiran Village, Selo District, Boyolali. This video screening was carried out in order to appreciate the work of village youth or local youth after they were given the material on how to make a journalistic video.

In collaboration with the UMY Mobile Cinema (Bioling), the event was welcomed by the Head of Samiran Village. In his remarks, the head of the village, Herman hoped that after the KKN program, village youth or youth could be more proactive with the village government. “I would also like to thank the KKN UMY group for holding an event that can foster the enthusiasm of village youth and the people of Samiran Village. Let us make this village more advanced, independent, and dignified,” Herman explained.

On the same occasion, KKN group 051 and 150 supervising lecturer Muhammad Muttaqien explained about the 051 and 150 KKN work programs which provided material related to media literacy. “By providing training in journalistic video making to the Samiran village youth cadets, we hope that the community, especially the youth, can explore tourism potential in Samiran Village. With minimal tools and minimal funding, we can use technology to make this Samiran Village famous, advanced, and self-reliant, “Angki explained his.

Angki also explained another purpose of the screening. “Aside from being a means for education and literacy, we held the event to entertain the local community, given that the village of Selo is far from the city center.” added the UMY Communication Studies lecturer again.

Raka Imby Ageng Selo and Rizky Akbar Whisnumurti, group leaders of KKN group 051 and 150 also expressed their gratitude to the community members for receiving and helping them while carrying out community empowerment in Selo, Boyolali. “On our time here, we didn’t encounter any significant obstacles because the residents and people of the Selo village are kind and very helpful. Especially the village youth who can quickly befriend us. We don’t even feel that it has been almost a month since we came here,” Akbar said.

This video screening event was the top agenda of the 051 and 150 KKN groups’ programs in Samiran Village, Selo, Boyolali. After this event, the video made by the Selo village youth will be uploaded on the village’s social media page as part of the promotion of Samiran village. In addition, a contest was held to determine the 3 best videos out 8 videos. (id)

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