KKI Students of UMY Visit a Psychiatric Hospital and an Airbase of the Indonesian Air Force

Students of Islamic Communication and Counseling (KKI) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) visited a psychiatric hospital (RSJ) Dr. Radjiman Wediodiningrat Lawang and an airbase of TNI AU Abdul Rahan Saleh, Malang. The visit carried out on Friday (5/5) aimed at training students’ empathy toward psychiatry patients. Indeed, it was a part of a course of Micro Counseling Practicum supervised by Very Julianto, M.Psi.

On a press release received by Office of Public Relations and Protocol of UMY on Tuesday (9/5), Very told that the visit was to acquaint students to a psychiatric hospital and counseling services at the airbase of TNI AU Abdul Rahman Saleh. “We come to see the patients and to learn about love, universal love, which is empathy in order that we do not insult our environment and we can learn what the patients feel,” he stated.

Very added, “Students also analyzed and observed adult and teen patients. They looked patients’ handicrafts and painting. In fact, RSJ Dr. Radjiman Wediodiningrat the airbase of TNI AU Abdul Rahan Saleh is the biggest psychiatry hospital with the capacity of 700 patients and 295 hectares, and it has been established for 104 years.

“The visit enabled students to know the psychiatry hospital management, psychiatry patients, and counseling services in the Indonesian Millatary (TNI). It is to prepare them for counselor profession before they get involved in their community. The visit may also motivate students to achieve their goals,” hoped Very.

Meanwhile, a psychologist of the airbase of TNI AU Abdul Rahman Saleh Mayor Kes. Fadilah., M.Psi. said that counselors are responsible for assisting commissioned officers to solve their problems and to maintain their emotions during working. The counselors will also provide counseling for the officers’ family. “Therefore, the counselors should be able to be responsible for their clients,” asserted Mayor Kes. Fadilah at hall of TNI AU Abdul Rahman Saleh, Malang on Friday (5/5).


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