‘Kids Zaman Now’ Should Dare to Be an Entrepreneur

People need to enhance their quality in all areas, particularly economic areas, since the existence of global markets cannot be denied. Entrepreneurship is a mean of developing local economy and potential in this digital age. Based on the background, Faculty of Agriculture of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a public lecture on ‘Building Entrepreneurship Spirit in the Digital Age’ on Tuesday (20/3) at building of Graduate School of UMY.

A senior lecturer and Head of Entrepreneur and Innovation Center of Singaporean Polytechnic Mr. Neelesh Bathia stated we are now confronting the fourth industrial revolution that individuals are demanded to boost their capability to face today’s challenges. “Global community should actively respond and adjust to the development in this era. Each change and development must provide huge occasions for us to do something big such as utilizing technology for entrepreneurship and opening new jobs. Thus, we should be open-minded with the development of this era and create opportunities to benefit others or to make money,” declared Neelesh.

He inserted that we have to dare to be an entrepreneur and find who we are as well as what we can do. “We should know what we love. We will be left behind if we do not have any skills. We have to attempt in order that our skills can be used to find a job or create business. Afterwards, we can focus to innovate. Basically, if we would like to open business, we need to broaden our networking, discuss with successful business owners,” advised Neelesh.

“Indeed, we have to know our uniqueness. Let’s change our mindset. We might want to be an employee, but now we want to be an entrepreneur. We have to enjoy the process. Find a supervisor for your business. It will assist you to confront social gaps in Indonesia. Youth should be boosters of the economy of their nation. In conclusion, discover your capability and, if you don’t see problems, start being an entrepreneur and take risks because success begins from failures,” emphasized Neelesh.

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