Kemenkumham of DIY Espouses Anti Plagiarism

A lot of plagiarism issues have occurred among academicians. They copy other people’s works in their writing such as an undergraduate thesis, thesis, or journal without acknowledging the authors.

In a promotion of Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) organized by Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) of Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) and Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Thursday (26/10), Haryanto, S.H. stated, “Plagiarism is an ethic code infringement of writing. It is an infringement of ethic codes, not copyright.”

Haryanto explained differences between a code of ethics and HAKI. “If it is dealing with contents, it is a HAKI infringement. For instance, if someone has a book, the copyright protection is included in a HAKI aspect. If someone takes data, opinions, and ideas without mentioning the resources, she/he infringes a code of ethics of writing,” he maintained.

In the end of the session, Haryanto suggested students to make their own work, “We emphasized that intellectual property is how we encourage students to make their own work and not to plagiarize. Indeed, plagiarism is a “theft”. You have to try your best. If you can’t, do not take data or ideas of other people without acknowledging them,” he ended.

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