LP3M UMY Granted Funds to Schools of Arar Island to Increase the Quality of Human Resources

Education is vital for a civilization. Additional knowledge can improve the quality of their human resources (SDM). To achieve such a thing, facilities to support ideal teaching and learning process are needed. To that end, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) through its Office of Research, Publication, and Social Services (LP3M) assisted three educational bodies in Arar Island, Sorong, West Papua Province.

The head of LP3M UMY’s Service Division, Dr. Adhianty Nurjana, S.Sos., M.Si. stated that this grant is a part of UMY’s contribution to increase educational awareness for the people of Arar island, one of the frontier regions  of UMY’s Social Services (KKN) program. She added that this help consists of 20 million Rupiah to the Arar Island PAUD Kindergarten, 15 million Rupiah to the Arar Island SMP (Junior High School) Lab Muhammadiyah, and 50 million Rupiah to the Arar Island SMA (Senior High School) Lab Muhammadiyah.

“With this grant, we hope that educational development in Arar Island can continue. In the future, we hope that this region can be a partner to build and develop Arar Island,” She stated during the grant ceremony on Saturday (21/9) in Arar Island, Sorong, West Papua Province

The grant that was given have different purposes for each institution. For the Aisyiyah Kindergarten, it will be used to build a new teacher’s office and increase the capacity for teachers. For the Junior High School, the funds will be used to increase the capacity for development. For the Senior High School, the funds will be used to build a computer laboratory.

“We have given the funds to all the institutions for them to use wisely and increase the quality of education. We hope that this empowerment can help the locals to be more independent, because a good empowerment and guidance program is one that lets the locals develop on its own,” she added.

Adhiyanti stated that UMY will not neglect Arar Island. She and her team will continue to observe and pilot the program. “Yes, we will continue to monitor and evaluate any progress annually,” she stated. (ak)

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