IT UMY Hosts a Workshop to Enter the World of Work with its Alumni

In order to help with their students’ preparation to enter the working world, the Information Technology (TI) Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) opened an alumni and discussion session regarding the tips and tricks to enter the working world. The Workshop Sharing of Knowledge and Experience with IT Alumnus session was themed “Make the Greatest Thing with your Greatest Knowledge and Experience” was hosted in the courtroom of UMY’s Postgraduate building on Saturday (20/7).

During his opening speech, Titis Wisnu Wijaya S,Pd., M.Pd. as the vice president of UMY’s TI department stated that this event aims to increase students’ knowledge and ability regarding the TIstudents’ role in the working world, as stated by alumni of TI UMY. In addition, it also serves as a bridge for students who intends to enter IT-based work fields in the world.

“The working world requires more workforce, especially in IT. Therefore, TI UMY strives to increase their civitas academica’s ability to help their students cultivate their IT skills. Many graduates from UMY work has managed to find work in distinguished IT firms, with some even owning their own startup. A startup is something that’s very common in the IT world, and students of TI UMY should be able to create their own,” Titis stated.

Bandar Barokah,, PNIIT, S.T. as an alumni of TI UMY and a speaker, stated that students from TI UMY should be active and creative from their college days to prepare themselves with skills they have learned that are appropriate to their work field. “Whether it’s in programming, networking, information security, database, or software development, graduates of TI UMY should be able to create their own startup instead of working in a field they are not familiar with or does not make use of 8 semester’s worth of knowledge,” Said the 2012 Alumnus, which right now works for PT Gunta Samba Jaya in East Borneo.

The same notion was given by Faizal Muhammad Rasyid, PNIIT., S.T. “Students of TI UMY should have speaking skills, because of an IT expert has no speaking skills you may not be able to communicate with your work partners. IT skills and speaking ability is mandatory for an IT Expert, ” said the 2011 Alumni and Co-Founder of PT Tamadun Teknologi Internasional (Tamtech). (ads)

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