Electrical Engineering of UMY Conducts the Fifth Electro Fair


It has been five times that Department of Electrical Engineering of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted Electro Fair. It was a competition for pupils and university students across Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) and Central Java. It has been an annual competition for these recent five years. Electro Fair having a theme of “The Right Technology on the Right Place” was carried out since 5 March 2015 and would be followed by other events as opening of electro seminar, competition of short video making and photography.

On Saturday (14/3) the competition of Electro Fair 2015 would be continued by a competition of Robotech #5 joined by 32 participants from Senior High School (SMA) and Vocational School (SMK) across DIY and Central Java. The Robotech #5 would take place for 2 days, till Sunday (15/3). “And, on Sunday (15/3) would also be held closing of Electro Fair. There would be announcement of the winner of the competition of Robotech #5, short video, and photography,” told Hanif Iqbal Saputro, Chief of the event interviewed on Saturday (14/3).

Hanif stated that the main agenda of Electro Fair was the competition of Robotech since it had been organized for five times and become a contest of students of SMA-SMK to sharpen their skills and abilities in assembling mini robots. “Moreover, the Robotech turns a medium to acquaint Department of Electrical Engineering of UMY to students of SMA-SMK. It also invites students to compete fairly, and deepen technology which has rapidly been developing,” he said.

In the Robotech, Hanif continued, students should coin a mini robot to detect line. As the result, all mini robots they created were shaped as a toy car using a controller. Nevertheless, in the competition the car did not employ a controller because they were requested to make a car robot which could detect line automatically. “Therefore, all participants attempt to be the fastest to reach the finish line or to have the farthest distance and fastest time, yet the grading also concerns with how they apply the design and technology for creating the mini robot,” he explained.

One of the participants of the Robotech #5, Nurma Sari a student of SMKN 3 Yogya, confessed that she was pleased to join the competition. She shared that she did not join similar competition once so that the Robeotech organized by Electrical Engineering of UMY would assist her team and herself learn better and try to improve their mini robot. “We have ever joined the same competition at UGM, UNY, UMS, and UAD. We are glad to join the contest here,” she expressed.

Nurma and her two friends, Nabila Fiddina and Alan Ade Putra, expected that their mini robot would be the winner of the Robotech. Nurma mentioned that there were 10 teams from her school joining the Robotech competition in the Electro Fair 2015.

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