IPOLS UMY Collaborates with UNIDA Gontor to Conduct BaMUIs

Bina Mahasiswa Unggul dan Islami (a Leading and Islamic Student Development/BaMUIs) is an annual event conducted by International Program for Law and Sharia (IPOLS) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This year the event was organized in collaboration with Faculty of Sharia of University of Darussalam (UNIDA) Gontor, Ponorogo, East Java.

Held on 16-20 February in UNIDA Gontor, the event was participated by 48 IPOLS students of batch 2016. On a release receiver by Public Relations and Protocol Office on Saturday (3/3), Director of IPOLS of UMY H. Nasrullah, S.H., S.Ag., MCL stated that the field trip was a mean of constructing Islamic characters of IPOLS students.

“Besides, the field trip may enable students to possess good aqidah (creed), confidences, and pride of being a Muslim. Another purpose of the activity was to fortify students from threats and destructive thought risks toward a Muslim’s attitudes and personalities,” mentioned Nasrullah.

He also expected that students of both institutions could achieve the goals and the event could raise law students’ awareness of and responsibility for a better national law development.

In addition, Nasrullah informed that in the event students got Islamic materials and were introduced to Islamic Boarding School of Modern Gontor. The Upraight Aqidah (Creed) as a Foundation of a Muslim’s Personalities; Prerequisites and Tips for Being a Leading Muslim; Threats and Dangers of Westernization, Liberalization, and Pluralism; Contribution of Islamic (Sharia) Law in the Development of National Law; Recognizing and Rebuilding Islamic Civilizations; and Knowing the Panca Jiwa of Islamic Boarding School of Modern Darussalam Gontor.

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