IP UMY Students Won National ISCS Competition

Four students of Government Science at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IP UMY) made proud achievements in the Indonesian Student Council Summit (ISCS) competition organized by the Student Executive Board of the UMY Student Family (BEM KM) on Thursday (13/8).

The four students who were divided into two teams were Hafiz Alkautsar and Ulfah Zulfah Siti Nur Afifah, IP UMY 2016 and delegations of BEM KM UMY, Angga Misbahuddin, IP UMY 2017 and Febriana Andiani Putri, IP UMY 2018, Fresh Club delegation of the Faculty of Social and Political Science (Fisipol) UMY.

In the online competition, Angga and Febriana won First Place for Best Paper, Second Place for Best Presentation, and Best Delegate for Law, Politics, and Agrarian Affairs Subvocals. Meanwhile, Hafiz and Ulfah won Second Place for Best Paper and Second Place for Best Presentation Education Subvocals.

Angga admitted that he was both happy and surprised that they managed to get all the awards at the ISCS event. “Initially, we only targeted to get the best paper,” he said when contacted on Monday (17/8). The International Government Science/IGOV student said that in the future, he will try to always be productive and try to continue to make UMY IP name proud through writing.

Similar to Angga, Hafiz said that he was happy and grateful for the achievement and the chance to make his alma mater proud. “Hopefully the ideas written in the paper can be used as input for policy makers to advance education in Indonesia, as well as improve the management of the potential of various regions in Indonesia,” he added, on Monday (17/8).

The competition was also attended by various universities in Indonesia other than UMY. Some of them include the Universitas Indonesia, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Universitas Proklamasi 45, Universitas Jambi, and Universitas Gadjah Mada.

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