IP of UMY Conducts a Parent-Teacher Meeting for Welcoming Freshmen

To welcome freshmen, Governmental Studies (IP) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a parent-teacher meeting on Friday (18/7) at Amphitheater of E6 of Building K.H. Ibrahim.

In the meeting, Department Secretary Awang Daru, S.IP., M.Si. expected that parents and department parties could always interweave good relationship. “Based on data from Student Admission, there were more than 1000 applicants of this department, but only 200 applicants were accepted in 2017. This shows that the competition to apply for this department was quite tight that the comparison was 1:5. Thus, the freshmen are expected to commit to pursuing their study well,” declared Awang.

He informed that Department of Governmental Studies of UMY possesses better quality than other departments of Governmental Studies. “This department vision is to become a leading department in the development of governmental studies based on Islamic values to benefit the people in both national and international levels in 2021. To achieve the goal, the department has had various qualities. For instance, this department is accredited ‘A’, possesses qualified teaching staffs such as Prof. Achmad Nurmandi, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eko Priyo Purnomo, and has a good curriculum. Besides, this department has been acknowledged in international levels. It can be noticed through various international activities organized and joined by this department as well as cooperation with foreign institutions in the world,” mentioned Awang.

“A curriculum at this department is designed to create graduates possessing high competitiveness in national and international levels. The graduates are expected to be political actors, governmental actors, researchers, academicians such as lecturers, political consultants, and governmental consultants. Indeed, there is a course of Entrepreneurship if the graduates are willing to be entrepreneurs,” he inserted.

Awang told that the curriculum is also designed in order that students can graduate in time. “In the first semester, students have to take 22 to 24 credits of basic theories of governmental studies. In the following semester, they will focus on bureaucratic studies. This department possesses a course of practicum so that students will internalize their materials such as sustainable development planning. Hence, if students can follow the courses well, they will be able to graduate in semester 7 or 8,” he explained.

The department also has various programs besides a regular program. “Department of Governmental Studies of UMY possess an international program that English is a medium of instruction of the courses. Additionally, we also own Jusuf Kalla Government School and Master of Governmental Studies,” ended Awang.

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