Investment Gallery of Indonesia Stock Exchange of FE UMY Got National Achievement


Investment Gallery of Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) of Economics Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (FE-UMY) was acclaimed as one of the active galleries in transacting and having innovation in developing students’ interest to get involved in BEI FE-UMY. Hence, Indonesia Stock Exchange gave 4 awards to BEI FE UMY on the 12th of November in Istora Senayan Jakarta. Two of them were for the category of Development and Innovation, and the category of Stock Growth. Then, the other two awards were additional awards given by BEI FE UMY as the best gallery in the category of Information Equalization Education Activity.

The Head of the Gallery of BEI FE UMY, Iskandar Buchori SE., SH., M.Si., being met on Tuesday (18/11) stated that UMY succeeded being chosen as one of the participants achieving BEI’s awards. There were 112 contestants from both state and private universities having a gallery of BEI. “The gallery of BEI UMY is one of the 112 university galleries assessed by BEI. There are private and state universities which are nominated. Thus, we have to be proud of including in one of them,” he told.

Iskandar added that these achievements were the first step of achieving the next other achievements. As a private university which has a vision, excellent and Islamic, and has achieved awards, it was absolutely a future challenge on how to socialize Islamic capital market so that the capital market investment turned an alternative investment, not only being profitable but also giving comfort toward the customers. Additionally, the investment gallery became the supply of human resources who have ability in a capital market field.

“This is our first step to reach other achievements. We hope that we could gain the success in the coming future. As the excellent and Islamic university, we have to keep socializing Islamic capital market. Hence, investment in capital market being an alternative investment could not only be profitable but also provide ease for our customers. Next, the investment gallery could be the supply of human resources who have ability in this capital market,” he explained.

Iskandar continued that the awards, given by BEI to investment galleries of BEI in these universities, aimed at enhancing the roles of universities and students as the generations to determine the future Indonesian economy. “Thus, it is necessary the existence of assessment and monitoring toward the galleries. It was for that the galleries of stock exchange in the universities could be beneficial for student learning and the customers,” he conveyed.

Previously, the gallery of BE FE UMY achieved awards from Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) in the category of the greatest number of the investors accounted 1000 investors during its development since BEI FE was established, the 21st of November 2013. (Shidqi)

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