Indonesian People Should not be Worried About the Corona Virus

On January 31, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there is a global emergency related to the spread of the Corona Virus novel (2019-nCov), because the virus caused a very drastic increase in mortality rates. Until now (February 13, 2020) 60,329 people around the world are infected with the deadly virus according to data obtained from Johns Hopkins CSSE. This has caused unrest among citizens of the world including Indonesia, although so far there have not been any positive cases of Indonesian citizens infected with the Corona virus.

The representative of Yogyakarta Health Service, drh. Berti Murtiningsih, M.Kes said that the YHS are addressing the public unrest caused by the issue of the Corona virus outbreak which is currently becoming a worldwide concern. Berti addressed this in the seminar held by the Medical Alumni Family of UMY. When the Indonesian government repatriated 238 Indonesian citizens from China in the Natuna Islands to be quarantined in an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, they received a strong reaction from the surrounding community who wants them expelled from Natuna.

Therefore, responding to the growing unrest requires proper handling, such as spreading information about the Corona virus to the general public, from how to prevent it to how to handle it when someone is suspected to be infected.

“We provide information through various media, and we always emphasized the importance of washing hands when or after traveling and also when eating. Those who are sick should always use a mask, in order to prevent transmission to others. If you do have symptoms such as high fever, headache, flu, shortness of breath, severe coughing, and sore throat, you are encouraged to refer to the nearest hospital for treatment. Routine health checks, stress management, adequate rest, are also things that people need to pay attention to, “said drh. Berti Murtiningsih in the Medical Update Symposium: Novel-Coronavirus (2019-nCov) The World Outbreak in Dr. Erwin Santosa building of PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital, Thursday (13/2).

The public is also advised to remain calm and entrust the full handling of the Corona virus to the Indonesian Health Office. Many people question why Indonesia has not had a positive case of the Corona Virus to date. “From the 64 patients that are suspected of being infected, 62 patients proved negative while the other two are in intensive handling. WHO representatives have even visited Indonesia, and made sure that there were no positive cases of the Corona virus. So don’t worry, trust this matter to us, “added Berti.

Wuhan, China was the place where the Corona virus spread for the first time. Now, there are 28 countries other than China where the Corona virus has spread ,including Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United States, UK, Italy, Philippines, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Nepal, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. UMY FKIK alumni, dr. Meristika Yuliana Dewi, who works at the Yogyakarta Port Health Office, also stressed that Indonesia has increased surveillance at national entrances such as border areas, ports and airports to address the Corona virus problem.

“Supervision at the country borders include inspection of any luggage such as animals, plants and other goods. While on duty. we do not work alone but are assisted by Immigration, Customs and Agricultural Quarantine Agency. We installed a thermal scanner at every door of international arrivals to detect body temperature. Such are the supervision we provide in tackling the spread of the Corona virus. I also hope that the community will not be restless anymore, and will continue to follow the updates regarding the Corona virus case in Indonesia. Do not be easily exposed to hoax news or the like, if there is any suspicion that someone contracted it, they should immediately be taken to the hospital, “said Meristika. (Hbb)

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