Indonesian People Should Comprehend State Welfare


Indonesian people should comprehend strategies of welfare state. In Plenary Season I of National Convention for the Betterment of Indonesia at Masjid Ahmad Dahlan on Monday (23/5), Former Vice President of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Boediono stated that ‘Indonesian Welfare State’ has to be consolidated and has to possess long-term plan instead of short-term plan or five-year plan.

He asserted two definitions of welfare state. First, it refers to social and economic issues. Second, it is dealing with politics and rights of the citizens. “Indonesia believes that welfare state involves social, economy, politics, and rights of the citizens,” he informed.

Welfare state is an end goal of Indonesia since this country is diverse. “Indonesia has various cohesion so that the welfare state is the final goal,” he argued.

Programs to actualize Indonesian welfare state has been commencing in fields of health, nutrient, labor, welfare distribution, and others. The programs can be recognized in ‘Wajib Belajar’ (Compulsory Education) for 12 years, scholarships for students of unprivileged family and outstanding students, intensive upgrade for teachers, national social security system. “However, the programs has not run well so that the effectiveness should be fostered,” he stated.

Prof. Dr. Budiono mentioned that the efforts to reify the welfare state. First, the existing programs should be consolidated and be more consistent. “It can be undertaken through simplifying the program. Second, the programs should be categorized into huge groups. Last, umbrella groups should exist above the programs as national strategies,” he contended.

Besides, People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Zulkifli Hassan believed that the final goal of Indonesia is Social Justice for All of the People of Indonesia (‘Keadilan Social bagi Seluruh Rakyat Indonesia’). Nevertheless, social discrepancy between the poor and the rich is quite high. “For instance, infrastructures in Java and other islands such as Maluku and others are obviously distinctive. Hence, the real threat for this country is communism, but the social discrepancy,” Zulkifli conveyed.

Indonesia has to align Pancasila in term of popular sovereign. For example, in general elections in Indonesia, the candidates will not win if they do not have sponsorship. Zulkifli contended that the popular sovereign has not successfully been actualized yet. “Therefore, stated policy should contain Pansila philosophically and ideologically. This convention may show what state policy is needed by Indonesia,” Zulkifli expected.


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