Indonesia Should Be Consistent on Death Penalty


Indonesia is required to remain consistent on death penalty as being executed to Australian large-scale drug dealers, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. On contrast, a lot of critics and threats come from Australia because this country disagrees with the death penalty. Indonesia is a legal and sovereign state and Australia ought to acknowledge Indonesian governmental policy.

The aforementioned utterance was expressed by an expert of International Relations of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Ali Muhammad, S.IP., M.A., Ph.D. on Thursday (17/2) at Dean Room of Social and Political Faculty (FISIPOL) UMY. He argued that Indonesian government need not be worry about threats from Australia. In fact, Indonesia obviously confronted crime.

“Drug issues in Indonesia have been very serious. Million people might pass away because of drug. Based on a survey of United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), 3-4 million people in Indonesia died due to drug. Thus, Indonesia is now called as a state of emergency over narcotics,” he stated.

Additionally, Ali conveyed that drug crime is much more dangerous than terrorism. The effect of terrorism could only take place at that time while drug crime might lose a generation. “Terrorists may kill thousands of people, yet drugs might kill millions of people. It could be noticed that drugs may destroy a generation like damaging brain, defeating one’s self, ruining future, and killing drug users or others,” he elucidated.

Therefore, the Dean of FISIPOL UMY continued, death penalty for drug dealers was identified as crime. For one reason, it could murder not only a person’s life but million people’s life. “Indonesia ought not to be worry about threats of Australia as boycotting Indonesia tourisms. I think that it is extremely different. I believed that Australian, who does not engage in, would not encounter the same situation as the two Australians because this is clearly crime.

Moreover, Ali talked about Human Right (HAM) campaigners against death penalty for drug dealers. They contended that people’s life and death are not determined by other people. However, Ali argued that the HAM activists need consider bad effects caused by the dealers. “Do not only look at convicts’ right to life but also notice the right of victims murdered because of drugs that the number is millions. How many rights of victims do dealers break? On the other hand, the dealers are healthy and do not consume drugs. The dealers are cold blooded killers who only care of money, and the idea never crosses their mind. Hence, it is fair if drug convicts get death penalty because they violate human rights,” he emphasized.

The lecturer of International Relations of UMY was optimists that Indonesian government would execute the death penalty. He also believed that diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Australia would go well. “What has been established by Indonesian government is the real law establishment. Thus, other states or even United Nations should respect law establishment in this country. Death penalty for drug dealers should always be established to bring deterrent effect. If Indonesia could be firm in this issue, I believed that Indonesia would be dreaded by drug dealers,” he uttered.

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