Indonesia Is Confronting a Creativity Crisis

Indonesia is confronting a creativity crisis that youth, particularly students, should think about creating a business more creatively.

In a business plan presentation of Department of Agribusiness of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted on Monday (23/10) to Friday (27/10) at Laboratory of Agribusiness of UMY, one of the business plan graders Yoga Wisnu Wardani from marketing affairs of Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Yogyakarta stated that Indonesia is now facing creativity gaps.

The gaps show a group of creative people and a group of uncreative people in entrepreneurship. “To grow creativity is not easy so that higher education institutions should enhance creativity of the students since the first semester. Their creativity should be boosted in order that they will expect to become not only an employee but also an entrepreneur,” told Yoga.

He asserted that a value of idea is subjective and it depends on who see it. “An idea is priceless and cannot be assessed objectively. Everyone will look at an idea differently,” added Yoga.

Meanwhile, a lecturer of Business Plan Course of Agribusiness of UMY Achmad Fachruddin, S.E., M.Si. declared that a business plan is something valuable. Indeed, it is an achievement for students to join various competitions.

The course is expected to bear entrepreneurs and to enable students to write more creative entrepreneurship proposals which can be applied. “Indeed, the course may create entrepreneurs in an agricultural field,” wished Achmad Fachruddin.

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