Indonesia Has Prepared for Being the Host of ABU Robocon Since 2013

ABU committee selected Indonesia as the host of ABU Robocon and the decision may bring good impacts for Indonesia since the participants come from several countries. “Indonesia had been required to be the host since 2013, but this country conducts it in 2015. “It was a huge decision and we took the occasion. In 2013 we sent a proposal to be selected by ABU and a party of Japan,” told Dr. Ir. Endra Pitowarno, M. Eng., a chief of judges of ABU Robocon 2015 in an interview on Friady (21/8) at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

Dr. Endra continued that it was not easy since his party purposed three proposals. “Ir. Wahidin Wahab, M.Sc., Ph.D. and I sent proposals, two of Mr. Wahidin and the other of mine. Then, the party of Japan was fascinated in my proposal raising a theme ‘Robominton’. I wrote the proposal for 2 months, from September to November. Thus, from sending proposal to the preparations has taken 2 years,” he informed.

Dr. Endra conveyed that the difficulties and forces we confront as the host varied. “As the chairman, my duty is quite tough. Besides being a judge, I ought to have coordination in international level. It is adequate hard since I have to coordinate with three parties namely judges, UMY, and DIKTI,” he uttered.

He inserted that, even though it was somewhat hard, he considered it as dynamics. “It is like an orchestra that the instruments are distinct. The crux is that Indonesia can learn to coin and manage bigger teamwork,” he affirmed.

Moreover, Dr. Indra conveyed that the robot contest has been organizing, and the contest held in India must be different from Indonesia. I have been engaging in the robot contest since 1991 or it has been 24 years. In India, I acted as a guest so that it was easier, yet it is now harder because of lots to do. In fact, it took too long to revise and accomplishing the proposal,” he said.

Hence, to ease the ABU Robocon 2015, all elements involves in the contest scoring, particularly referees. “I wish that the contest can run well, and I am optimistic that the contest will succeed. The preparation now concerns with the security border, and there will be some trials for it,” he uttered.

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