Indonesia 7 Summits Conducts Road Show at UMY

(Dari kiri ke kanan) Galih Dori Kora, Ardesir Ya​ftebbi dan Nurhuda saat menjadi pembicara dalam acara road show Indonesia 7 Summits Expedition.
(From left to right) Galih Dori Kora, Ardesir Ya​ftebbi, and Nurhuda are the speakers of a road show of Indonesia 7-Summit Expedition.
Indonesia successfully reached 7 summits in the world in 2012. It was an effort to put this nation as equal as other countries which had conquered the highest mountains in the world. It was a struggle for about 2.5 years to plant Red and White flag in the seven summits.

The aforementioned statement was uttered by Galih Dori Kora, a member of wild nature campaigners of Wanadri (Mountain and Jungle Explorer Association) conquering the Mount Everest peak which the height is 8850 meters above sea level (mdpl) in 1999. He acted as a moderator of the road show of Indonesia 7-summit expedition team who accomplished the mission to climb the 7 summits in 7 continents. The road show took place in a meeting hall of A.R. Fachruddin B of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yohyakarta (UMY) on Saturday (7/3). It was organized by the cooperation between Indonesia 7 Summits and nature lover students (MAPALA) UMY.

“The seven summits began from a dream of 6 youths. They were students just as all who are attending here and fond of climbing mountains despite having lack of experience. However, they dared to commit to name Indonesia in the 7 summits of 7 continents so that this nation could be as equal as other nations. And, Alhamdulillah we succeeded planting the Red and White flag in each summit in the 7 continents,” told Galih.

Galih’s statement introduced Chief of Indonesia 7-Summit Expedition Ardesir Yaftebi and a member Nurhuda as the keynote speakers in the roadshow. It was attended by 300 students of nature lovers (MAPALA) from carious areas coming to UMY to join the event.

Ardesir Yaftebi stated that climbing the 7 summits of 7 continents was not an easy matter for his party. It needed commitment to prepare the climb and hard work to achieve the goal. His party also asserted that the accomplishment of climbing 7 summits was part of nationalistic enthusiasm and encouragement from all parties defraying his team to put the Red and White flag in the 7 summits.

“Although we succeeded conquering the climbs, I need to tell you that all of them were not easy. Many sponsors spent much cost, more than 12 billion for the expeditions. They contributed to the attempt of naming this nation. We did not have the enormous number of funds. All we had was ourselves. We were sincere that our life was staked to name Indonesia in the peaks in the world,” conveyed the mountaineer coming from Biereun, Aceh.

As Ardesir, Nurhuda elucidated that he perceived his life at stake when climbing Mount Everest in the height of 6000 mdpl. It was found a number of monthly or yearly-old mountaineer corpses through hiking trail to the peak of Everest.

“We saw many monthly or yearly-old mountaineer corpses along hiking trail above 6000. It is difficult to evacuate them owing to the height and extreme weather. We felt afraid of our own fate if it happened to us, but Alhamdulillah we reached the peak and went home safely,” expressed the mountaineer from Tangerang.

Moreover, Huda argued that the road show was essential since it was a forum to share information regarding his team’s experience, and tuned encouragement for participants to pursue their eagerness to conquer other summits in the world.

“At least, I wish that this road show would encourage you, and you would experience what we did such as experience which we could not get Indonesia’s mountains and using certain equipment in extremely cold temperature or climbing a mountain having extremely thin oxygen level so that we have to utilize oxygen tube. It could not occur in Indonesia, and may our other experiences be beneficial,” he explained.

The following is the 7 summits reached by the team of Indonesia 7-Summit Expeditions. First, it was Mount Everest in Nepal which the height is 8850 mdpl, the number of oxygen thinness was 33%, and the hiking time was 70 days. Second, the team conquered the peak of Vinson Massif in Antarctica-South Pole on the height of 4897 mdpl, oxygen level of 58%, and 21 days of hiking time. Third, it was Mount Denali in North America on the height of 6194 mdpl, oxygen level of 47%, 21 days of hiking time, and temperature of -83o Celsius. Fourth, it was Mount of Aconcagua in Argentina on the height of 6962 mdpl, oxygen level of 43%, and 14 days of hiking time. Fifth, it was Mount Elbrus in Russia on the height of 5642 mdpl, oxygen level of 51%, and 6 days of hiking time. Sixth, it was Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, on the height of 5892 mdpl and 7 days of hiking time. Last, it was Mount Kartens Piramid in Papua, Indonesia, on the height of 5030 mdpl and the summit has glister which is the only one peak in Indonesia covered by ice.

The road show of Indonesia 7 Summits consists of 6 mountaineers, namely Ardeshir Yaffebi as the chief, and Fajri Al-Luthfi, Iwan Irawan, Martin Rimbawan, Nurhuda, as well as Gina Arfiani as the members. After Yogyakarta represented by UMY, they would carry out the other road show on 14 March at Airlangga University in Surabaya with a similar theme.

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