Ibdurrahman Personalities Should Be Developed in Educational Institutions

Education through various media becomes foundation to build, enhance, stabilize, and mature children’s characters. Teachers, parents, and community should be directed to achieve educational goals. Thus, an Ibdurrahman (faithful) personalities are essential to be implemented at educational institutions.

In a defense on Friday (27/7) at Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Yundri Akhyar presented his dissertation entitled ‘Ibdurrahman personalities on Al-Qur’an (A Study of Psychology of Islamic Education)’. The dissertation discussed correlation among education, human characteristics, and Allah. “An educational process should direct ourselves to get close to Allah to reach happiness in the world and hereafter. Personalities are a complicated issue to examine. Therefore, everyone should possess the Ibdurrahman personalities,” he declared.

Yundri also stated that his dissertation may bring huge impacts on educational institutions. “The Ibdurrahman personalities should be delivered in elementary school to higher education. If necessary, it has to be mentioned on their visions and missions so that students can be religious, create peace, and be avoided from poverty and chaos. Being an Ibdurrahman individual means assisting people to live happily in heaven,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Yunahar Ilyas, Lc., M.Ag. suggested other researchers to do further research from Yundri’s research. “I expect you (Yundri Akhyar) to always create work. I hope that this research can be a reference for the next research to develop the Ibdurrahman personalities so that Ibdurrahman personality indicators on Al-Qur’an can be find out,” he declared.

Additionally, Yundri was the 43th graduate with high distinction at Doctoral Program of Psychology of Islamic Education. His dissertation defense examiners were Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, Msc.Eng., Ph.D.; Prof. Yunahar Ilyas, Lc., M.Ag.; Prof. Dr. Ir. Dr. Muhammad Chirzin, M.Ag.; Dr. Arif Budi Raharjo, M.Si.; Dr. Tasman Hamami, M.A.; Dr. Muhammad Anis, M.A.; and Dr. Mahli Zainuddin, M.Si.

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