HI UMY Study Program Students End International Community Service in Tawau Malaysia

16 International Relations Study Program Students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (HI UMY) completed the International Community Service Program (KKN) in Tawau, Malaysia. They were placed in 8 FGV “Sahabat” Community Learning Centers (CLC) from 14 January 2020 to 11 February 2020. This is the third time the International Community Service Program was held at CLC, an educational service unit for the children of Indonesian migrant workers working in Tawau and is a product of cooperation between the Indonesian Consulate (KRI) in Tawau and the Malaysian Ministry of Learning.

The farewell and sendoff event of the Tawau International Community Service Program took place on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 at Wisma KRI in Tawau. Wijdanu Akram Rahadian, the leader of the Community Service Team said that the International Community Service Program consisted of training in cooking, dancing, making batik crafts, and teaching general and religious subjects.

The student earned many experiences and learned many lessons from this Community Service program, as stated by another student, Elang Azka La Ranggadisa. Even though they carry out their duties as teachers, the children of TKI there also become their teachers. “They (the children) also became teachers for us, who made us aware, how simplicity and limitations are no reason not to go to school,” he said when contacted on Wednesday (12/2). He further hopes that the KRI in Tawau can provide better services so that children of CLC can receive higher education.

The KKN program partners also felt the benefits and impressions of KKN students in the “Sahabat” CLC FGV. “Students were able to practice student skills and commendable behaviour. Their parents are happy because the children can now cook for their parents at home while they work in the fields, “said Damish, a Mentor of the program. The children are also happier and more motivated to learn and continue their education to a higher level to high school and college, and parents are expected to send their children back to Indonesia.

UMY representative Dr. Sugeng Riyanto as Secretary of the International Program of HI UMY Study Program (IPIREL) along with the Field Assistance Lecturers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the cooperation and assistance given by the Consulate. Sugeng Riyanto hoped that the cooperation between UMY and KRI in Tawau would continue in order to improve the quality of education of the nation’s children in the overseas land (Tawau).

Sulistijo Djati Ismojo, the Indonesian Consul in Tawau, finally officially closed and sent off the Tawau International KKN 2020 students, thanking and appreciating UMY and students who had served for 28 days. He believes that everything that has been done by KKN students for one month gave a deep impression to the children in Tawau and makes them more motivated to continue higher education.

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