HI UMY Lecturer Trains Poncosari Village Officials to Manage Village Administration and Information Systems

To address the problems faced by the government and the community of Poncosari Village, lecturers of the International Relations Study Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) provided alternative solutions through community service. The results of the identification of the Community Service Team showed that there were obstacles for the administration and management of the Poncosari Village Information System (SID).

To that end, Sugito,  the head of the Community Service and Empowerment division of the Community Service Team (KKN-PPM) designed a series of activities to improve the ability of stakeholders regarding Poncosari hamlet administration and SID. The activities included counseling on population administration for the Hamlet, RT Managers, and Ngentak Hamlet residents, Journalistic and Photography Training for the youth of Poncosari Village, and training in administrative governance and activity proposals for Karang Dusun Karang Taruna youth.

Sugito stated that administrative governance is very important for the sustainability and progress of the organization. “We also carried out a population administration education counseling agenda in Ngentak Hamlet on January 21, 2020. This activity was done in collaboration with the Bantul District Civil Service Office to increase public awareness of the importance of ownership of self-documents and procedures for managing various population documents in Bantul Regency,” he explained.

Another event was Journalism and Photography Training for youth in Poncocari Village in collaboration with the Poncosari Village Government. “This training also took place on January 25th, 2020 at the Poncosari Village Hall. Through this training, we have succeeded in bringing together young people who are able to become journalists to fill various rubrics on the Poncosari Village Website. With this reporter, it is hoped that the village web will be more dynamic, communicative, and informative so that it can help services to the community of Poncosari Village,” Sugito explained.

Training for Dusun Karang youth cadets was the last agenda that was successfully carried out on Thursday (1/30) in the Hamlet’s Village Hall. The event, which was conducted in collaboration with the 088 Student Community Service Group, was attended by 25 participants and aimed to improve the ability of the youth organization in administration and making activity proposals.

Training instructor, Zain Maulana, Ph.D., gave instructions on how to make activity proposals. “The structure of the proposal includes a minimum background as a justification for why the proposed activities are important to be carried out, objectives, benefits, targets/participants, types of activities, time and place, and funding requirements,” said Zain who is also a lecturer of HI UMY.

Participants of the coaching session were enthusiastic to discuss proposals they had made and the obstacles they faced. This included how to choose the right sponsor, proposal writing technique, and how to negotiate with the sponsor.

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