HAMMERS UMY Conducted Workshop to Socialize SNARS 1

To maintain quality of public service facility, evaluation is required so that it can be always maintained and improved. For hospital institution, an evaluation can be conducted through hospital accreditation. It is conducted to assess obedience of hospital toward accreditation standard ruled to control performance of a hospital. In early January 2018, Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS) has already determined new conditions needed to implement namely Hospital Accreditation National Standard (SNARS) first edition.

In order for the hospital to adjust its performance with new rules, Association of Masters Alumni of Hospital (HAMMERS) conducted National Workshop on Preparatory Studies of Hospital for KARS 1.  The workshop will be organized on Friday – Saturday (120/1) at Sahid Raya Hotel, Babarsari.

Safiqulatif Abduallah, chief of committee of science workshop stated that the accreditation is conditions ruled by government. “Based on the government instruction, all hospitals must pursue an accreditation then being formed as KARS. In 2018, new regulations have been completed to imperfect existed rules. The workshop managed is to socialize hospitals so that they can prepare with the new standards. This is also to guarantee quality for hospital management and services given to patient,” he declared.

Safiqulatif also mentioned that basically there are two aspects which will be assessed in hospital accreditation such as management and service. “Management aspects assessed are from the function of directors to daily management in hospital. For service aspects will be assessed of how employee works and give service to patient. All those aspects will be evaluated from documents of medical records belonged to hospital. To testify document validity, there will be a verification like interview with employee regarding performances and procedures. In addition, such verification will also involve patients,” he explained

Safiqulatif on the other hand also added that application of accreditation is important because management condition and hospital services in Indonesia are varied. “When we compare quality of hospital in big city and countryside, there will be big differences. It is expected that this accreditation will give same quality to all hospitals (both hospital management and services to patients in Indonesia.

Furthermore, the workshop is also supposed to educate all hospital stakeholders regarding standards implemented by government equally. “Especially for hospital in countryside because actually this socialization is conducted by KARS ever year with high cost. We also hope that the workshop can be an alternative with an affordable cost,” he told.

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