Haedar Nashir: Utilize Digital Development to Dakwah

The fourth industrial revolution or well-known as a digital era brings positive and negative impacts. To confront the age, Muhammadiyah seeks to leverage technology to dakwah to people who lack understanding of Islam.

In an opening of Pengajian Ramadhan of PP Muhammadiyah 1439H with the theme of ‘Digital Civilization: Enlightening Dakwah in a Millennial Era on Thursday (24/5) at Building of Abdul Razak Fachruddin B of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Chairman of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir stated that digital media have rapidly developed and information can be disseminated fast.

At the Pengajian Ramadhan attended by 398 Muhammadiyah members from Indonesia, Haedar declared that the digital development should be utilized to proselytize Islamic teachings to millennial generation.

“In this face-paced condition, we have to deliver dakwah, tabligh, and Islamic teachings massively through new media,” maintained Haedar.

Haedar conveyed that the technology development can change people’s behaviors in social interaction, decrease values, diminish senses of feeling and spirituality, and shift collectivism into individualism. “The digital world is a virtual world. The reality is shaped so that people become polarized. This is a simulacrum,” he emphasized.

At the end of his remark, Haedar advised the audience to be smart in receiving and spreading information in the virtual world. Tabayyun is necessary when we get information to anticipate hoaxes. “If we gain information, we may not immediately forward it to other people. We have to do tabayyun to ensure that the information is not a hoax,” he ended.

Besides, at the Pengajian Ramahan, there was a book launching entitled ‘Himpunan Putusan Tarjih (HPT) Jilid 3’ by Prof. Syamsul Anwar from Tarjih and Tajdid Board of Muhammadiyah. The book is about four results of the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th National Congress of Tarjih and Tajdid Board of Muhammadiyah. The other book launched at the Pengajian Ramahan was ‘Konstruksi Pemikiran Politik Ki Bagus Hadikusumo: Islam, Pancasila and Negara’ (Political Thought Construction of Ki Bagus Hadikusumo: Islam, Pancasila and State).

Additionally, Dokter Muhammadiyah Scholarship was handed over to three new students of UMY of batch 2018. They are from Islamic boarding school or orphanage institution of Muhammadiyah/Aisyiyah passing the scholarship selection processes.

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