Haedar Nashir: Muslims Should Refrain

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Muslims, including Muhammadiyah members, are tested by encountering Ahok’s issue. Various views among Muslims toward the issue can drive it more complicated. Indeed, it may get tortuous if political interests are in it.

Haedar Nashir, chairperson of Muhammadiyah, urged Muslims to have self-control to deal with the issue. “Do not corner and blame one another,” Haedar advised in an interview on Thursday (10/11).

Due to the issue, Muslims should prove their good relationship among them. Islamic figures are also expected to tolerate and soothe Muslims.

“People may not abuse social media to trigger people’s anger. Everyone should be forbearing and patient, and Muslims should not be easily provoked,” he emphasized.

He warned that people may not hurt one another, and Muslims should refrain to state and act something which will harm Muslim themselves. Dignity of Islam is risked in facing the complicated situation. He suggested Muslims to forbear as Prophet Muhammad’s teaching.

“Muslims’ challenges are tough. If Muslims rage, it is not good. Let us implement good attitude and create good relationship among us to confront the issue,” Haedar ended.

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