GENESIA of UMY Conducts ‘Kelas Inspirasi’

Students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) associated in a team of Generasi Indonesia Mengabdi (GENESIA) performing a community service in Sembalun conducted a ‘Kelas Inspirasi’ at SD N 3 Sajang, Sembalun, Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat, on Saturday (19/8). The Kelas Inspirasi had be held at SD 1 Bilok Petung.

A coordinator of Educational Division of the GENESIA Nadya Selma Karamy told that the Kelas Inspirasi was inspired by Indonesia Kelas Inspirasi Community. The community can invite people from various professions such as police, engineers, doctors, lecturers, and others to inspire children so that they are motivated to dream big.

“However, the concept of this Kelas Inspirasi is dissimilar. It aims to encourage students to pursue their study since the number of children having early-age marriage and getting dropout is high. Most of students leave school due to a financial problem or replacing their father’s job in a field,” stated Nadya on a release sent to Public Relations office on Saturday (19/8).

She informed that 52 students from grade 4-6 participated in Kelas Inspirasi. “The Kelas Inspirasi comprises id three sessions that the teachers are the GENESIA team. The materials are dealing with motivation to pursue their study till junior high school, senior high school, and university. Besides, a friend of mine from Lombok also prompt students to continue their stud since each person possesses the same right to gain their education. Indeed, a lot of great people are from Lombok,” added Nadya.

Besides, teachers of SDN 3 Sajang accompanied the GENESIA team during the Kelas Inspirasi. They warmly welcomed to the program.

“This program is great as the students are enthusiastic about joining the sessions. I also told to UMY students to always remember this village even though this community service is over. If they have spare time and visit SDN 3 Sajang, we are always welcome. I wish that they obtain something beneficial from this community service,” expected Sahlun, S.Pd., Principal of SDN 3 Sajang.

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