Free Smoking Area in Yogyakarta Has Been Established


Issues of cigarette damages compass of economic, social, and health aspects. Indonesian’s awareness, particularly Yogyakarta, is quite low and most people assumed that smoking is an unable-left habit. People ought to be stressed on the existence of Free Smoking Area (KTR), and government of Yogyakarta city has established Mayoral Regulation No. 12/2015 on Free Smoking Area.

The aforementioned paragraph was stated by Yogyakarta mayor represented by an assistant of Yogyakarta government field, Drs. H. Achmad Fadli in an event organized by MMTC UMY (Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Center), namely Socialization and Declaration of Yogyakarta Mayoral Regulation No. 12/2015 on Free Smoking Area. It was conducted on Wednesday (5/5) in Ultima Horrison Riss Hotel.

Achmad Fadli conveyed that smoking could bring negative impacts on health of individual, family, community, and environment directly or indirectly. Thus, Yogyakarta mayoral government ultimately established several free smoking areas. “The free smoking areas are health service areas, learning and teaching area, children playing areas, worship places, sport facilities, transportation, workplaces, public places and decided other places.

Dr. Fita Yulia Kiswarini, M. Kes as Head of Public Health Office of Yogyakarta, asserted that in the mayoral regulation health service facilities as hospitals, local government clinics, clinics, drugstores, and other health services are considered as free smoking areas. “The significant purpose is to protect public health from bad impacts of smoking, to make public secure and cozy from smoke in public places, especially pregnant mothers and elderly,” he inserted.

Erwin Santosa, Sp.A., M.Kes., chief of MMTC UMY uttered that the socialization was expected to be beneficial and to create Yogyakarta as a free smoking city. “It is expected that through the socialization and declaration of KRT by MTCC government could be assisted to socialize it to the public,” he said.

Attending the event were 150 participants consisting of health workers of hospitals, public government clinics, clinics, and other health institutions in Yogyakarta. They also signed the declaration firstly started by the Assistant of Yogyakarta Government Assistant, Head of Public Health Office of Yogyakarta, and the chief of MMTC.

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