Four Students of UMY Join Temasek Foundation Scale at Singapore Polytechnic


Four students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) were selected to join Student Exchange Temasek Foundation Scale (Specialist Community Action & Leadership Exchange) at Singapore Polytechnic on 5-25 June 2016. The student exchange was fully funded by Temasek Foundation of Singapore, and was joined by students from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

The four selected students were Eko Sumanjaya (an International Relations student), Eka Widi Astuti (a Law student), Ariestyandhini Ekaputri (an Agriculture student), and Ardian Ramadhan Pradan (an Engineering student). A staff of Cooperation Office of UMY, Reza Rezeki, stated that the activity of the student exchange was having classes and practicum of design thinking to enhance the participants’ social sensitivity.

“They will learn how to see and cope with social issues,” Reza said.

They would also work with several communities in Singapore. “Last week, they worked with Indian community in Singapore. They will later work with Chinese and Malay community in Singapore. The participants are required to analyze social issues in the communities, and later they will discuss the issues at class,” Reza told.

In the end of the program, the participants should create a prototype as problem solving of the issues. The prototype would be displayed in an exhibition organized by Singapore Polytechnic. “After that, they should write a report to Temasek Foundation, and so should UMY’s students,” Reza informed.

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