FOTKA 053 of UMY Conducts a Photography Exhibition

Ghea gave explanation to the visitor looking at her photo of “a camera house”.

Photography Community of Communication Sciences held a photography exhibition titled “silent witness”. Carrying a unique concept, it was displayed about a hundred and fifty photos in Art Gallery Wirogunan on Saturday night (13/12).

 The chief, Fathan J Mustofa, said that the exhibited photos in Art Gallery Wirogunan were the works of the members of FOTKA 053 of the fourth generation who have joined secondary training. He explained that the big theme of “silent witness” required participants of the exhibition to show photos of “place”. The place, he told, was a silent witness of various events.

 “The place is a silent witness, human behavior noticed by plants and buildings surrounding them,” stated Farhan.

 It was the reason of his party to conduct the exhibition in Wirogunan Art Gallery. The location was chosen since the building belonging to a penitentiary (Lapas) of Yogyakarta has been a witness of the criminals’ activities to express their creativity. The criminals’ arts, the student of Communication Sciences batch 2013 continued, were exhibited there.

 Fahtan argued that the place was supposed to have public attention; moreover, the value of arts should be preserved. “The exhibition aims at raising our awareness because a place is something that we had to keep and preserve. The criminals’ works are displayed,” he explained.

 Furthermore, Ghea Ulfa Stefani, one of the participants, felt very pleased as her work could be shown in the annual exhibition. She maintained that it was not all photos of FOTKA’s members which could be displayed since the photos for the exhibition should firstly be selected.

 “It feels very glad that my photo could be in this exhibition and could be seen by many people. It is not all members’ photos could join because they should be selected by the curators,” Ghea stated.

In the occasion, the student, admitting that she began occupying photography after joining FOTKA, displayed a photo of a house formed a camera taken in Magelang, Central Java. The photo was shown since “the camera house” was a silent witness of the owner who was eager to have DSLR camera, finally obtained laboriously.

 “As the theme, the house has an interesting history when it was built, and it is a silent witness of the owner’s effort to have DSLR,” explained the student of Communication Sciences batch 2013.

 The exhibition coincided with the fifth anniversary of FOTKA 053. Besides cutting cone, the exhibition opening was enlivened by the performance of acoustic and cutting a ribbon as a sign that the exhibition was started.

 Budi Tobon, a representative of Communication Sciences of UMY, welcomed the exhibition. He expected that FOTKA 053 in the fifth year could enhance, regenerate, and get together with the department. He contended that FOTKA 053 was an active organization.

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